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February 14 2017

Welcome back soup! I was THIS close to moving to tumblr. Fingers crossed you can eventually restore the newer backups!
Also, please tweet next time, so we know what's happening. Keep it up guys! Love you!

June 27 2015

June 26 2015

June 22 2015

June 06 2015

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Alain de Botton: Status Anxiety

May 14 2015

April 23 2015

I especially like how he uses his headphones only as a microphone :)

April 21 2015

Awesome! Check out my other soups :) I reposted your reply into the appropriate one :)
@schlechtwettersusi Did you seriously scroll back THAT far in my soup? I feel flattered :)

April 11 2015

This is ALSO creepy as fuck!
This is creepy as fuck!

March 26 2015

Ja würde bei den Motiven voll Sinn machen, einfach mal UV-Farbe zu nehmen.  Ich mag sie aber trotzdem auch so schon :)

March 20 2015

Wait, what?

March 10 2015

I should be writing... I just thought that a second before I saw this comic. Enough soup for today!

March 04 2015

February 24 2015

Was the generation of our parents already BORN grown up or did they also struggle with this, I wonder.

January 30 2015

That video is broken. Here's the same Video on a shitty streaming platform. But it's worth it. Especially the statement about alcohol making him angry on his girlfriend is the cutest thing I saw today, also terrifying...

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December 22 2014

In fact I took this from


There's also a free pdf download somewhere.

December 04 2014

November 28 2014

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